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If you are experienced and skilled at insurance marketing, this article may not be for you. It is about how to master telephone prospecting. That does not mean cold-calling.

Cold-calling is a difficult, onerous activity in which you use a sales pitch to try to get appointments with everyone you talk to, and you don't take "no" for an answer. Because most prospects feel pressured, it results in a lot of unpleasant personal rejection. And, you soon have list of prospects who do not want to talk to you ever again. Consequently, you have to keep buying new lists, which is why it is called cold-calling. Each time you get a new list, you get some appointments with reluctant prospects; but, you don't close enough of them.

Telephone prospecting is a more pleasant activity in which you make prospecting offers to a large list of well-targeted prospects. Most prospects say, "no" and then you say, "Okay, goodbye." Very few prospects are annoyed by your call because you respected their negative answers and did not try to overcome their objections. Thus, unless the prospect says "yes" to your offer, the calls will be very short. You will get appointments, but only with prospects who want to buy. Closing sales is easier and your closing rates will be higher.

Telephone prospecting takes advantage of the fact that prospects buy in their own time, for their own reasons. So, you don't try to push prospects for appointments when they are not ready to buy. Because you do not push them, they are happy to take periodic calls from you. Only the first call to a prospect will be a cold-call and each subsequent call will be warmer.

Each call you make to your prospecting list increases their favorable front of the mind awareness of you. You will be in touch with most of them when they are ready to buy, and they will be favorably disposed to buy from you.

Most people can learn to perform this kind of telephone prospecting process quickly and begin to get more appointments with prospects who want to buy. Therefore, overall sales significantly improve. In most cases, just one additional sale will cover the cost of the training.

Even though a highly-targeted list of life insurance prospects is quite inexpensive, you will seldom need or want to buy more names.

There are many other good ways to generate leads; however, they take much longer to learn than telephone prospecting and most are lot more expensive. So, the time before your sales productivity measurably increases using most other methods will be considerably longer.

Focus on telephone prospecting now, and you may not want to do other types of lead generation for a long time.

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