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Here is some golden advice from Chris Lytle, who wrote "The Accidental Salesperson." Your target prospects buy the way you sell before they buy what you sell. The sooner you sell your prospect on how you are going to work together, the faster they will buy your products.

This is a simple, yet profound concept that is a key to top-gun selling. So, the magic phrase is, "This is the way I work," which communicates to your prospects that you have an organized, planned approach to sales and to solving their problem. Understanding that sales is a process and being able to articulate the steps in your process separates you from the pack and positions you as a professional. (Very few agents actually do this!)

If you cannot sell the prospect on your sales process, you will not be effective selling your products. Too many agents try to take shortcuts; if you try to sell your product before selling them on your process, you are going to get a lot more objections. So, tell your prospects how you are going to sell them before you try to sell them any product. Tell them exactly what is going to happen and when it is going to happen. A client who has bought the way you sell will buy more of the things you sell. When the client knows exactly what is going to happen, they can quit being guarded and participate in the process.

And when the prospect says yes to your process, you have built professional credibility and already closed a product sale the vast majority of the time.
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