How to calm new clients' doubts when purchasing final expense insuranceBlog added by Karl Schuckert on August 14, 2014

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​After a new client makes a buying decision, many times they start to second guess that decision. What’s really going on is that their ideal picture has changed from the benefits they wanted to gain to the loss of security or the loss of money. That’s when buyer’s remorse sets in. It’s important for any sales pro to cut off any doubts by preparing them for this pain. This can be challenging to accomplish since what we offer is an intangible or is not immediately available, yet it can be done. The intangible I’m referring to is the need for a final expense life insurance plan.

It can be easy to build true value in the clients’ minds because of the positive benefits of owning final expense insurance. Help your potential clients imagine and envision what the solution is to the need or the problem. Assist your new clients who may not be good at using their imaginations. You want to help your clients “experience” the benefits of owning the product by helping them vividly picture the pain and then the solution. Here is an example:
    Let me ask you, who will be responsible when something happens to you? And when that time comes what is the last thing you want your beneficiary to think or worry about? Isn’t it nice to know that when something does happen to you, all your family will ever have to do is tell the funeral director my mom or my dad has a final expense insurance plan with XYZ insurance company? And at that point they will never have to think or worry about it. Everything is taken care of.
Notice that neither example mentions the word "money." However, both imply the problem is money. Guess what your clients are seeing or envisioning in these examples? The pain of their family during the worst time of their lives — not on what the costs are. When the need is huge enough, it does not matter what the cost is. Keep your clients focused on what they will gain versus what it will cost them. I know you will sell more and you will keep more business this way.

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