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By Lisa Barron

Advisors were increasingly focused on portfolio management in the first quarter of 2014, while fixed-income also remained at the top of their minds, according to a new survey by Fidelity.

Fidelity Advisor Investment Pulse is a “first-of-its-kind” survey designed to capture the investment issues that concern advisors, based on an ongoing open-ended poll of more than 200 advisors a quarter, it said.

Advisors’ responses to the latest poll also showed an increase in concern about market volatility, especially in January when the Dow fell 5.3 percent and the S&P dropped 3.6 percent, their worst monthly percentage declines since May 2012.

Other topics, including interest rates and finding yield, also remained high advisors’ list of concerns, as opposed to inflation, which remained low.

“In the first quarter of 2014, many financial advisors and their clients were thinking about what to do with their portfolios if interest rates rise,” said Scott Couto, president of Fidelity Financial Advisor Solutions.

“Interestingly, they have been less focused on what many consider the ‘flip side’ of rising rates: inflation.”

Fidelity also offered some insights to help advisors focus on both the near-and long-term environment, including four reasons why U.S. companies cold maintain a healthy growth rate, listed as corporate profitability, overseas revenue, capital allocation and attractive valuations.

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