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This week's picks include an opinion about Dave Ramsey's online scuffle and how it equates to the finance world; the future of taxes and life insurance; conversations with clients about the end of their lives; a question about young people and Obamacare; a look at how the Romans used annuities; a discussion about what the congressional long-term care panel will need to accomplish; some murky questions regarding artificial reproductive technology and estate planning; and more. Feel free to comment below.

The future of life insurance taxation (LifeHealthPro)

"Without the benefits provided by personally owned life insurance, it has been argued the government would incur costs that would far outweigh any benefits received by taxing life insurance. The tax benefits associated with life insurance reflect the acknowledgement by Congress of the important financial protection life insurance provides."

Do as the Romans did — with annuities (MarketWatch)

"In Rome, annuity solutions for Roman citizens were simple lifetime income strategies that became the genesis for today's Single Premium Immediate Annuity structure."

Dave Ramsey’s online brawl shows problematic divisions in finance world (Forbes)

"I’m convinced that if you got them in a room over a meal, they’d be the best of friends, but this discourse devolved into mud-slinging in about two tweets flat."

Advisors scramble to meet wealthiest clients’ insurance needs (Financial-Planning)

"Wealthy clients are also turning to insurance products that may help them offset their tax liabilities, says Boris Blum, president and chief executive of Wealth Planning and Management in Woodland Hills, Calif. 'They may use insurance policies within qualified plans or other strategies, but the advisor plays an important role because anything you use has to fly with the IRS and these strategies are a moving target -- something that worked five years ago may not work today.'"

10 more estate planning questions that might make you squirm (Forbes)

"Spoiler Alert: The stork doesn’t deliver babies. But after reading this you may wish it did. The use of artificial reproductive technology is on the rise. And with it comes some murky questions involving ethics, estate planning and the law."

Will young people want Obamacare? (The Washington Post)

"But behind this conversation lurks this larger question of whether young people care about health insurance at all. There’s a school of thought that says a lot of the young people who are uninsured or have very little insurance just don’t think they need health insurance. But, and this is anecdotal, that doesn’t fit with my experience very well."

The End Game (Financial Advisor)

"Getting clients’ finances in order before they reach the final inning of their lives is part of the job requirement for financial planners. But it’s not always an easy conversation to have."

Congressional long-term care panel will finally meet, but odds for success are worsening (Forbes)

"Last Friday, I participated in a panel discussion at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) on long-term care and the prospects for the commission. If anything, that discussion reflected the vast gaps the commission must close in a short time if it is to accomplish anything at all. Not only do LTC experts disagree on solutions, they can’t even agree on facts."
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