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Is video a part of your marketing plans for your business in 2012? There are some staggering statistics that may convince you to consider adding video to your marketing mix.

Online video is the fastest-growing media platform in history, according to a report from social media research consultancy Trendstream and the research firm Lightspeed. And Web video is in front of both blogging and social networking as the leading social media platform. Eighty percent of C-Suite executives watch work-related video on business-related websites weekly. It’s no surprise that Google bought YouTube.

You probably won’t be shocked to know that even when someone is referred to you, the first thing that person does is Google you and then check out your website. That’s what smart people do, right? So when a prospect gets to your website, what do they see? The same pile of words that they see on any site?

Ultimately, people do business with people. Video allows you to present the real you to them. Video is like a mini seminar online — you are giving your prospects a chance to see you, hear you and build confidence in you.

You might think it’s difficult to record video, get it up on your site and have it all working. And what about compliance? The good news is that video today can be truly simple and inexpensive to create.

Here are 5 quick steps to create video for your business

1. Purpose: Determine your purpose for creating video (for prospects, for referred prospects, for clients, etc). Then make sure that each video you are working on meets the assigned purpose.

2. Video scripting: Write your video scripts. Remember to keep it short as the videos should be under 2-3 minutes for maximum viewing.

Consider scripting out a video for each main navigation page on your website. Develop your scripts by first practicing what you would say to someone if they asked you about your firm.

For instance, describe what makes you unique. Have it written out and then edit from there. You want it to be authentic, and this will give you a chance to really work on creating that authentic and powerful messaging.

If you don’t feel comfortable writing great video scripts, consider asking a professional firm or other marketing and messaging professionals for assistance.

3. Pre-approval: Get your video scripts approved by compliance before recording.

4. Recording: Go into a video studio with a teleprompter, lighting and a green screen (so backgrounds can be added later or revised). Or, have the video professional come to you with this equipment. Yes, you can record your video yourself with your own video camera, but more professional is always better than a do-it-yourself look. I do both for different purposes.

5. Go live: After getting the actual video approved through compliance (even though the script was approved they will still need to see the final product), have your video professional work with your website provider to get the video placed on your site.

It’s really not difficult and the payoff is that you will have a truly authentic presentation of you and your firm for those who are interested to see.
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