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Whether you’re selling home, auto, or life and health insurance, price is always an issue. But change the subject like Allstate has and you can get the prospect to pay more, like Allstate does.

Allstate Auto offers insurance agents and brokers a key lesson, regardless of what kind of insurance you sell.

You’ve no doubt seen the clever Allstate commercials touting how their auto coverage “protects against mayhem.”

Brilliant. Allstate gets it. The competition doesn’t:
  • “15 minutes can save you 15 percent or more” at GEICO.

  • “Switch to State Farm and save $489 on your car insurance.”

  • “Same great coverage for less” at 21st Century.

  • “By shopping for lower car insurance rates at Progressive, you could save hundreds on your auto insurance.”
Hell, Progressive has even taken “insurance as commodity” literally and put their insurance in a box on their TV commercials.

While the rest of the auto insurance industry has fallen into the price trap, vying to sell you insurance for the lowest price, Allstate is creating fear of the unknown, reminding you that risk and danger are everywhere. And then they suggest that your cut-rate insurance might not protect you from the damage.

Allstate understands that nobody wins in a race to the bottom; to move away from price, you have to change the subject.

So they changed the subject.

The Allstate ads imply that asking for the lowest price is asking the wrong question. The question the Allstate ads get you to ask is, “Am I getting the insurance I need?”

That’s a question Allstate is ready for: “Dollar for dollar, nobody protects you from mayhem like Allstate.”

That’s why you pay more for Allstate; Allstate is worth more to you. It protects you better than other auto insurance. At least that’s what mayhem and Allstate tell us.

But that’s how you change the subject from price and win on value. Allstate gets to the essential question of why you want auto or any other type of insurance. Well, other than the government ordering us to buy it (Obamacare, anyone?), we buy insurance to protect us from the financial risks we face. If your cut-rate — read lower-priced — insurance won’t protect you, what’s the point? A low price for a product that doesn’t do what we want is no value.

Whether you’re selling home, auto, or life and health, price is always an issue. But change the subject like Allstate has and you can get the prospect to pay more, like Allstate does. You add value both to the product and to yourself, as the trusted adviser who can guide the prospect to the best value — not lowest price — for their real needs.
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