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January 22, 2010 - Dallas, GA

Mehdi Fakharzadeh, the famous and beloved MetLife Insurance Company super-achiever, and MDRT role model will be a special guest speaker at 'Trusted Advisor Success Training', scheduled for February 24th and 25th, 2010, hosted by the famous Insurance Pro Shop. Mister Mehdi is a life and qualifying member of Million Dollar Round Table; Qualified for Chair Council 34 times, President's Conference 41 times and Leader's Conference 44 times. He is recipient of many National & Golden Awards and Trophies.

His personal story, combined with his dedication and contributions to this industry, have been an inspiration for generations of agents, advisors and planners. In an industry that is in desperate need of real heroes, Mehdi stands out far above all others for his superior sales achievements. He has spoken in over 40 countries and presently makes over 50 platform presentations to financial groups each year. He is the author of, "Nothing Is Impossible and Everything Is Possible."

`The Great Mehdi' is beloved world-wide for his tireless efforts to share his unique sales knowledge and special skills. `Mister Mehdi' is important to you because he can help you establish your own unique and individualized sales system - the one system that will work best for you, and maximize your sales.

You don't want to miss this special one-time event! Because we are only accepting 32 registrants at this event, it's your once in a lifetime opportunity to get some personal time, and have your picture taken with `The Great Mehdi.'

"Mehdi Fakharzadeh is, without a doubt, one of the most cherished MDRT treasures since the MDRT was formed in 1927! His caring, and the sharing of his immense sales knowledge, makes him sought after all over the world!"
Guy E. Baker, CLU, ChFC, CFP, MSFS, MSM, RHU, CRWC, EP "Million Dollar Round Table President - 2010'

"Mister Fakharzadeh's wisdom is a must for every agent or planner who aspires to become a great financial producer. I have had the opportunity to see `The Great Mehdi' teach and train all over the world: in the USA, China, Singapore, and in other Pacific-Rim countries. Mehdi devoted his lifetime to creating sales ways and means that you too can use to become an MDRT and IARFC hero."
William L. Moore, CLU, ChFC, FIC, RFC - V.P. Kinder Brothers International

"Here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you can ask most anyone in financial services, and they will likely tell you. The most brilliant mind in insurance sales is also the most brilliant sales agent on earth. And that is the great Mehdi Fakharzadeh. At any point in your career you can benefit enormously from his extensive sales knowledge."
Jeffrey Chiew, ChFC, CFP, CLU, LUTCF, DBA, RFC MDRT Chairperson, Malaysia

"After 52-years in this business I thought I had seen it all. But the MDRT's legendary super-salesman Mehdi Fakharzadeh has, over the years, developed skills that can place you on the fast-track to record personal production. I am especially proud to note that he is an honored member of our IARFC."
Jack Gargan, CLU, RFC Founder, International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC)

"Mehdi Fakharzadeh is modest and makes no claim to fame or genius. But everyone well-knows that he is simply the most successful insurance sales agent on earth. Who among us could not learn from such a special person?"
Brian Tracy, International Speaker and Sales Trainer, Author

"You can incorporate many of `Mister Mehdi's' record-breaking sales ideas. You can do this because he actually shares these with you if you ever have the opportunity to be in his presence when he is teaching. If you meet him you will be aware that you are meeting a living legend."
Vernon D. Gwynne, CFP, RFC Financial Planning Pioneer, IARFC Board Member, Former Executive Director of the IAFP, now the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

We are extremely honored that Mehdi has offered to speak at our event. For the complete details, please visit...

Yours in success, Lew Nason, RFC, FMM, LUTC Graduate `The 9 Out of 10 Guy'
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