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How to implement: The problem is that most advisors don’t have an actual understanding of the specific things that their clients like and wish were better/dislike about their services. Having clients say, “Oh, you’re a nice man/woman” isn’t good enough. Neither is “You have a lot of great services.” You need to know specifically and exactly what they like.

Even more importantly, you must know specifically and exactly what they dislike or wish were better. It is this information that can help you retain your clients, because many of your competitors are asking them what they (the clients) wish they were receiving from their current advisor (you) but aren’t getting. Of course the competitor will use that information to his or her advantage. Also, of course, that’s a question that you should be asking your prospects.

Always remember that your best prospects are already someone else’s best clients; just like your best clients are someone else’s best prospects.

Ask any five clients – those you consider friends – what they wish you or your company did well and what they believe could do better. The answers may surprise you. Ask with sincere curiosity and a humble attitude. You will probably find out something significant about yourself and a discover potential marketing opportunity that you may have missed.

More importantly, once you discover this information, you can reinforce the positives and use that information to your marketing advantage. Of course, you want to eliminate, reduce, or compensate for any weaknesses. Remember that if your friendly clients tell you these things, you can bet money that there are many others who think the same thing.

Again, it’s great information to you to know.

Even better information will be obtained from people who do not necessarily care whether you like their answers or not, such as prospects, or previous clients. This is where you get some great information on how you are actually viewed.

Subsequent articles will delve into the processes more fully. But for now, just ask your friends. Tell them that you are enlisting their help to improve your business and that you want their objective opinion. If these friends are also good clients, you may wish to invite them to become members of your advisory board.
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