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Since 2008 I have retained my insurance license.  Although I don't produce anymore, there isn't a week that goes by without one of my previous clients contacting me.  

Why is that?  Simple...I took the time to automate them?  

In fact, many of the tools we deploy with LifeDrip/InsuranceDrip are there
because of agents like myself who had a necessity for them.  Without
automation in our client relationship, we will have a saturation point,
which means our growth is capped.  By automating our relationship, we
have unlimited growth.

Isn't the goal of all agents?  

Don't we get started in this business with the twinkle in our eye thinking about those magical three words -
BOOK OF BUSINESS?  The idea that we will work hard for 10 years, and
then take 10 years on auto-pilot while we fish and travel, and then sell
our business for retirement.  THAT is what every agent dreams of, but
very few achieve.  

So ask yourself "Why am I an insurance agent?".  

If your answer reflects my sentiments above, then communication with your clients and prospects is arguably the most valuable tool you own.  If you are already managing your clients and prospects, are you doing it on email and social media, or are you using old fashion mail?  If you are not doing it, why not start today?  

The time is NOW...make the next day the first day of fulfilling your dream.

I welcome all questions and comments.  Please message me. (see below)
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