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Imagine, if you had the wisdom, capacity and ability to make the best possible decision in just these few categories for yourself and those around you…what would that be worth?

[Hint: Zillion$]
  • Religions and Beliefs
  • Home or Shelter
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Family and Lifestyle
  • Marriage and/or Divorce
  • Careers and Vocations
  • Insurance, Risk and Financial Management
Just look at the dollarized effect in only a couple of these subjects:

The Census Bureau Report found that, annually, $40 billion is paid in child support and alimony arrangements by 7.8 million payers, 84 percent of whom were men. In the U.S. the average divorce costs nearly $50,000, and $175 billion is spent annually on divorce, mostly on litigation.

Newly purchased automobiles that were taken back by the dealer or lien holder within first year: Price Tag; $20 billion.

Life Insurance policies that were lapsed or dropped by the owner within first year: Price Tag; $22 billion.

And now, millions of home mortgages are being walked away from at record levels — at a staggering cost and loss.

Million$, billion$, trillion$ … zillion$

Summarily, of all the gifts and abilities one could covet, the ability to make timely, effective and lasting personal decisions would have to rank at the top.

But in addition, if this subject and ability was moved up to the various government entities and decision makers, it would not be a stretch to say that, in time, the entire federal deficit could potentially be reversed.


If you could sell actionable and predictable decisions tomorrow, how much more emphasis, expertise and planning would you place on your decisioning ability today?
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