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The Ludwig von Mises Institute is the home of Austrian Economics. Its daily newsletter is replete with information and insight into the effect of economic theory on government, our lives and the lives of our clients.

After decades of liberal economic, political and social leadership Canada is becoming what we all want; The US of A to return to a free market economy with diminishing government involvement in our daily lives and our efforts to secure our clients' futures.

I’m confident there are lessons we can learn from Canada’s success – and from Austrian Economics – that will translate into action items for insurance and financial advisors all across America.

How Canada Escaped the Global Recession
by David Lee, Aug. 29, 2011

Four months ago, Canadians emphatically renewed the ruling party’s conservative mandate, handing Stephen Harper and the Tories the country’s first majority government in over a decade. This victory was underscored by the humiliating decline of the Liberals — the country’s “natural governing party” — who were displaced by a radical fringe party in their office of Official Opposition in the Canadian House of Commons. Adding insult to injury, the leader of the Liberals, former Harvard professor Michael Ignatieff, failed to win his own seat and was sent unceremoniously into political retirement.
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