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One of the main tenants of football is the game plan. Every team has a very defined plan for the plays they will run, designed to score and not be scored on.

The focus of the game plan is on getting into the red zone (the final 20 yards before the end zone) and scoring. Every offensive play is designed to move in that direction. Nothing is done offensively that differs from the main goal. How about you? Do you have a tightly focused plan to bring on new clients?

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Maybe you already have a game plan — perhaps one that worked in the past but doesn’t seem to be getting you into the red zone, or across the goal line, as often as it once did. Maybe it’s because the same old plays you’ve been using for years just don’t work in today’s fast-paced, high-tech, constantly changing world.

Early 19th century author, Sydney Smith, once described a man this way: “He has spent all his life in letting down empty buckets into empty wells; and he is frittering away his age in trying to draw them up again.”

Highly successful NFL coach Bill Parcells gave this message a different slant: “If the competition has laptop computers and you’re still using yellow legal pads, it won’t matter how long and hard you work, they’re going to pass you by.”

It may be time for all of us to toss out those proverbial yellow legal pads and start filling those empty buckets. Start today developing your cutting-edge playbook that will bring your practice winning records for years to come. Take a look at your website and social media presence. Evaluate the materials you hand out to prospects and clients. Plan to record some videos.

The confidence that transforms one team into Super Bowl champions — which can also change any business into a top-performing one — comes from developing consistent focus. Winning is the direct result of confidence. It comes from executing your game plan with precision. So what’s your game plan?
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