Tips for using ProducersWEB, Pt. 2: Using your profile as a promotional toolBlog added by Lauren McNitt on February 1, 2011
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You've probably filled out your name, bio and company information (and if you haven't yet, you certainly should!). But there are several additional features you will want to use to further promote yourself and your company.

First, make sure you update your account settings:

Once you are logged in to ProducersWEB, click on Edit Your Profile (in the top left corner of the page). Next, scroll down the left hand column and under Member Information click on Account Settings. Then choose the information you want to share and who you want to share it with. Finally, don’t forget to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Share an announcement:
Is your company hosting an upcoming workshop? Are you speaking at an upcoming conference? Or did you recently publish a book? Share these events in your announcement section.

Once you are on the Edit Your Profile page, scroll down the left column and under Member Information select Company. Then, in the Announcements box, let people know about your latest endeavor.

Now your announcement will be featured on your profile page, and next to any content you upload for publication on ProducersWEB (for more info on contributing content, visit the first blog post in the series).

Again, don’t forget to click Save Changes!

Share links:
Do you have a new product available on your website, or were you recently featured in an article or interview? Post the link on your profile so ProducersWEB members can check it out.

On the Edit Your Profile page, scroll down the left column. Under Publishing Tools, select Share Links. Add the title of your link, for example: Jane Smith featured in Wall Street Journal article, "xxxxxxxx," as an authority on retirement planning.

Next, copy and paste the link to the page into the box labeled Link. Then select topics and subtopics relevant to your link. Be sure to save your changes.

And don’t forget we also encourage you to link to your social media profiles under Social Networks. For more info on how to add links to your social media pages, visit the first blog post in this series.

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