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Do you think having a website, a social media presence or an email newsletter will get people talking about you? People will talk about you because they like you and value your services and advice. The more strongly they feel about you, the more they will go out of their way to talk about you.

But how do they do it? Do they pick up the phone and call everyone they know about you? Probably not. A financial advisor contacted me to share how his business has changed dramatically over the past few months. This advisor is in the Atlanta area. He said he has focused his career on “over-servicing” his clients. But over the years, growth had not been steady at his firm. He knew he should be getting more referrals from his clients, but something was missing.

He had reluctantly started a website a decade ago. Six months ago, even more reluctantly, he started an email newsletter. Over the past three months, he was pushed into developing a social media presence with a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook Business page and a blog. And then, all of a sudden, things started changing. The advisor made a concerted effort to get his clients and prospects better connected to him by joining him online. His clients have loved it. They joined him and not only read his short posts, but they are also passing them along to other people.

His last blog post was on how politicians created the mess that they can’t get us out of. The one before was on raising financially successful children and grandchildren. He posts new content every two weeks on his blog and sends out his email newsletter that he writes with the same information as in the blog. The result?

His clients now have a way to share him with others easily, and the referrals are coming in. He has received seven referrals in the past year and two new clients so far, directly from his new online activity. I think it may be working!
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