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Without marketing, the people who really need your offerings may never know about you. And for all the work that many businesses do to create and deliver great products and services, wouldn’t it be nice if more people chose you? Marketing is the answer, but how, what and who will get your message going? Take this quick test and evaluate where you stand and where you can improve.

1. Are you receiving the referrals and word-of-mouth traffic that you feel you deserve, directed by those who know your firm best: your current clients? Yes or No

2. Do potential clients contact you or interact with you from your website? Yes or No

3. Do you have a high bounce rate on your website? (Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. Anything over 40 percent is considered high). Yes or No

4. Have you placed an advertisement, mailed direct mail or instituted an email campaign with disappointing results? Yes or No

Now, assuming that you have products and services that are valuable, the problem is your marketing. But what is the solution? Marketing comes down to conveying a clear and concise message about what you offer and can achieve. It is simple in nature, critical for producing outcomes, and — well worth noting — usually not done well by entrepreneurs. These are some points you need to cover in your marketing message:
  • Clearly state what you do (so people will know that you have certain skills).
  • Clearly describe who you are and why you are unique (in a way that hopefully resonates with your prospects — not just boasting about yourself).
  • Clearly share why someone may need what you have (make it about them, not you).
  • Describe your value — answer why someone should pay you for your services.
  • Describe your business in a repeatable way so that those who know you can tell others who don’t.
I wish you the best in marketing your message. It is the crucial missing element to most marketing efforts. Is it yours?

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