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Those coming to the site this week in search of detailed product information and strategies were rewarded with a profusion of great content.

Financial services 101

Sheryl Moore's article, Educating consumers about financial services products continued to garner a lot of interest. In Sheryl's words:

I wrote the following article so that your clients could have an important high-level overview of financial services. It was prompted by an exchange that I had with a fellow member of my credit union's board of directors. I hope that this helps you, your business, and your clients!

The article provides detailed information on a variety of financial services professionals and their products, ranging from bank reps to financial advisers, P&C and life and health agents.

ProducersWEB member James Lawson commented, "Thank you for a great article. As a Financial Advisor (Investments, Insurance, Estate & Retirement, and Taxation) I spend most of my effort and time educating my clients and prospects about main street economics, personal finance, and ALL of the products in the market place. Whether someone buys or does business from me is less important than if they have made an informed choice based upon their individual needs and circumstances."

And be sure to read the article's other comments for insight into Sheryl's passion for indexed insurance products.

Life insurance and NQDC plans

Advanced Estate Planning expert Julius Giarmarco's article, Funding non-qualified deferred compensation plans with life insurance explains the vital role that permanent life insurance can play for an employer looking to handle the liability under an NQDC plan.

Permanent life insurance is a popular choice for informally funding an NQDC plan for many reasons. The three major tax advantages of life insurance are important factors: the tax-free build-up of cash values, tax-free access to cash values and the tax-free receipt of the death benefit (subject to the AMT). In addition, life insurance provides safety of principal and flexibility in the amount and frequency of premium payments.

Read the rest of the article for more on this strategy as an alternative to taxable investments.

Strategies on SPIAs, IRAs, cash value life insurance and more

Here's a list of some other content from this week featuring a number of valuable tips for producers:

Make SPIAs a cornerstone to your practice by Dick Duff

How do you convince people to buy cash value life insurance? by Lew Nason

The self-directed IRA, Pt. 3: Estate planning challenges with self-directed IRAs by Warren Baker

Attention trustees: Are you fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities and efficiently managing trust owned life insurance? by Ken Godfrey

Larry Winget: On tough (financial) love with clients by Daniel Williams

Why annuity sales are booming during the recession by Kevin Kestler

What $6 marketing system brings in multi-million dollar accounts? By Mike Kaselnak (Welcome, Mike!)

And be sure to follow authors and topics you’re interested in to receive updates on the latest information to help you and your practice.

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