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A lot of exciting feel good sports stories in the news lately. And it’s about time! Even if you’re not a sports fan, it’s hard to not see the impact these types of stories have on the sports world, fans and of course, the media.

LeBron James, the best basketball player on the planet, left his hometown team the Cleveland Cavaliers four years ago. Why? To play on a dream team in Miami to win a couple of championships. Now he’s back home to play with the Cavs. Some (especially those from Cleveland) feel that he abandoned a city that desperately needed a champion. He’s back and has changed the entire league while saying all the right things to the media. It’s a nice story and great for basketball. Probably not so great for the Miami Heat.

In baseball, it’s the year of Derek Jeter. After coming back from an injury, Jeter is playing good baseball at age 40 in his final season. Jeter went two for two (two hits in two at-bats) in the All Star Game and has made history by having the second highest batting average of all time in All Star Games — .481 average (13-27) in 14 All Star appearances. That’s pretty cool!

What do stories about LeBron and Jeter mean to me? Outside of the feel good thing, LeBron and Jeter remind me of how we take to role models and look up to people who do great things. Yes, they’re both great players, but these guys almost always say the right things, have become almost bigger than their environments (LeBron may be bigger than his sport!), help others, and look to leave a great legacy.

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As a financial advisor, broker, wholesaler, agent, or rep, is there a LeBron James or Derek Jeter in your industry (or with your firm) who you should be paying attention to, following on Twitter, meeting, getting to know, or modeling? Could these stars in your industry be helping you, coaching you or mentoring you?

If you’re a new advisor, agent or rep — or if want to play the game at a higher level — who is on the fast track in your world that you admire? Who simply goes about their business in a way that you would hope to someday?

In boxing, there’s an expression: styles make fights. I love Mike Tyson’s style. He was shorter than most of his opponents and therefore developed a devastating left hook and body attack. As an amateur boxer who is often shorter (and older) than my opponent, I try to emulate Tyson’s style and approach. I’m not successful all the time, but each time I get a little better and a lot more confident. And that’s the point.

Do you know an advisor whose approach reflects a fighting style that you think would make you a success? Whose process do you like? Who has the best approach when speaking with others? Who has a target marketplace you admire? A work ethic you respect? Who has great organizational skills, product knowledge, a cool attitude, a high closing ratio, a high opening ratio, good phone work, networking ability, business acumen, or awesome public speaking skills? The list goes on.

You may not be able to meet LeBron or Derek tomorrow, but you can take the next step in connecting with an All Star in your industry that might just make all the difference. Next batter: you!
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