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Insurance professionals who are seeking ways to succeed in online lead generation finally may have a more level playing field thanks to social media.

Reduced costs involved with social marketing and the ability to interact with customers easily through new technology and social media applications make it possible for newbies to jump in and quickly become a trusted authority in a certain niche. This translates into more customers and increased profits in less time. There was once a time when new business owners had to fight their way to the top and take a beating from competitors, but social media has changed all of that. It's a new game now, and if you can learn the ins and outs of successful social marketing, you can dominate your market.

Attract and convert customers
One word can describe the best philosophy for getting clients: relationship. If you can connect with your prospective customers, engage them and create loyalty, you are in an excellent position to convert prospects into paying customers. But how do you build these valuable relationships?

The answer is to go where your customers are. Use simple online research to identify a number of social media sites where your customers hang out. Search for forums, message boards, blogs and social networks where these people are asking questions, posting reviews and building relationships. Once you have found these sites, join in on the discussions. By posting thoughtful questions and valuable information to help others, you can become a part of the community.

It only takes a handful of quality communications with a group to become a valued member. When you become known as a person who brings something worthwhile to the table, you begin to establish yourself as a person of authority on the topic or niche. Then, and only then, can you begin to share your business subtly, through a signature link or a product mention.

Rather than approaching these social communities from a seller’s perspective, you approach them from a relationship perspective, which allows you to earn the right to present your products and services in time.

Create bigger profits
In order to increase your business profits, it is important to get past the mind-set of doing anything and everything for one sale. Instead, your focus should be on the repeat customer. After all, it takes a lot of effort, communication and sometimes money to convert that one customer, so why not make it worth your while?

The way to maintain the connection with the customer is to communicate continually. Consider sending out a monthly e-newsletter to stay in touch with customers in order to keep you fresh in their minds. That way, when they think of something they need, they will come to you instead of the competitor.

Make your marketing communications more than just a sell message. Offer something of value — a whitepaper, special report, e-book or video — to build rapport with your customer list. By sharing information they desire with your customers, you are further solidifying yourself as the authority on the subject in their minds. This way, they click on your link and visit your site when they are looking for solutions.
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