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I love to write. If I could write all day every day, I would. Social media is not a chore for me. I enjoy being a contributor, but that may not be the case for you. I get it, trust me.

Becoming a contributor to social media is important to your financial service practice. Writing and submitting relevant articles to different websites will showcase your expertise. People like information from experts. But whatever you do, don't actually call yourself an "expert." If there is one thing I hear tons of social media consultants say incorrectly, it is the suggestion of listing yourself as an "expert." They really don't know the financial services field. And how do you qualify one person in our community as an expert against another, anyway? Another thing: Your broker-dealer may not care for that too much. Be safe, and just don't do that.

Remember, we’ve already established that each person in the financial services community has a talent. Let’s take this talent and get it on paper — OK, a blog. You can use sites like,,, etc. The best part is that these sites are free, outside of your time and resources. Woohoo to that, right? You can submit these writings to other sites like ProducersWEB. If someone comes along and likes what you’ve shared, they can visit your "About the Author" section and click on your company link — then wham, you’ve just got yourself a verifiable website visitor. How cool is that? (Hint: This is where ROI comes into place.)

You will also build up a great library of content. Content is king in the social media space. Every article you pen is a new piece of content to share. So what are you waiting for? Break out that pen — or keyboard — and get to writing. You’ve got important things to share in that brain of yours. Why are you keeping it all to yourself?
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