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Recently, Facebook completed a facelift and the most apparent change was a shift to a more visual, user-friendly interface, specifically to the newsfeed. Facebook realized that people are visual animals and prefer to interact socially in a more visually enticing environment. The change in the news feed is believed to be an attempt to redirect the user’s attention back to the feed.

If it’s more visual, it will be more “visualized”

Some of the most noticeable changes to the news feed include the following:
  • Almost half of the space allotted for every news feed story will now be given to larger images connected to the news story.
  • The design surrounding the news feed has also been updated to enhance the images and clean up the news feed.
It’s not all about the images

A less noticeable, but actually more useful, update to the news feed is the ability for users to view more news feeds at the same time. Users will also now have greater control over how their selected news feeds are displayed on the page. For example, users now have the ability to subscribe to a specific type of news feed like the photo feed, friends feed, music feed, and more. Once subscribed, that news feed will only show the user content of a specific type. The update also includes the long-anticipated ability to sort news feeds in chronological order.

Facebook gave mobile an update

When Facebook updated its website look, it also updated its mobile look and features. News feeds are now easier to access and view on mobile devices. Many user requested tools were added, such as a navigation bar for easier browsing and additional white space for easier reading.

How the changes affect Facebook business pages

Local search marketing services and experts have begun to discuss these Facebook changes and how they relate to the success of business marketing on Facebook. There are two important points for business owners to take to heart:
  1. Businesses should have a plan to evolve from the very beginning. No successful business is the same today as it was one, five, or 10 years ago. Businesses that refuse to evolve die off fast. Facebook and social media marketing will continue to evolve, as well. As with any new venture, getting in early and working as best you can with the tools provided are key to long-term success. The opportunities Facebook offers for businesses are too great to ignore simply because it, too, chooses to evolve over time.

  2. Facebook generates revenue for itself through various avenues. One of the main revenue sources for Facebook is advertising revenue. Like Google, eBay, and others, the success of Facebook is greatly enhanced by the success of its advertisers. By this logic, Facebook will do what is necessary to enhance, improve, and simplify the advertiser experience, while maintaining the front-end user social experience that brings an audience of hundreds of millions per day.
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