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A spoon full of sugar may make medicine go down, but a poorly written blog post isn’t as easy to swallow. Blogging is a misunderstood medium, but with this old family recipe I’m going to share with you all the ingredients you’ll need to bake up the tastiest blog posts of all.

Copyblogger created an awesome infographic, sharing with you the 11 essential ingredients needed for every single blog post you create.

You’ll need:

1 magnetic headline

One of the most important components of your blog post is a catchy, “magnetic” headline. Draw the readers in and make them want to read your content. Be funny, provocative and polarizing — just don’t be boring.

1 strong opening

Just as key as a strong header is a strong opening hook. Let your readers know what’s in the article, sharing enough information that they will know what the article is about, while also leaving them hanging ever so slightly so they will continue to read on.

A sprinkling of persuasive words

Word choice is crucial in blog posts. Unlike formal writing, blogging is essentially a conversation between you and your reader. In everyday language, I’m going to guess you don’t say things like “One believes" or "to whomever are you referring.” I know your English teacher might not be happy with me saying this, but use words like "me, you and we" to make your blog posts more appealing.

Excellent sentence structure

Don’t worry, Mrs. Howse (my English teacher). I will always remember to use proper sentence structure. Although you are having a conversation, remember that the reader does have to actually read your posts. If the structure is just plain wrong, then chances are they’ll probably just give up.

Around 5 killer bullet-points

Bullets are great to break up text. Let your eyes dance through the page and make it as easy as possible to find the information your reader is looking for.

2 or 3 exquisite subheadings

Same goes for subheadings. But here’s a fun fact: Google often reads subheadings when ranking pages, so make sure you optimize these with your targeted key words.

A pinch of seduction

Seduce your reader with an excellent story. I know finance doesn’t seem like the most enticing of topics, but The Wolf Of Wall Street provides a pretty good argument against that.

A few internal cliffhangers

Internal cliffhangers make your readers want to know more. Or better yet, make a series to bring your reader back to your content, time and time again.

Decorate with arresting images

Pictures tell a thousand words, so double your word count with some excellent and engaging images. Sites such as sxc.hu and unsplash.com are great sources for free (or conditional) high-quality photos.

Closed in style

Just like an apple pie, a good closure keeps everything together. Don’t waste your time on an interesting blog article, only to fizzle out at the end. Go out with a bang, not a bust.

And baked to perfection in authenticity

Finally, choose the topics that you know. People are a lot more web savvy than they are given credit for. Authenticity is one of those things that's hard to put a finger on, but it leaves your with a bad taste in your mouth if done wrong.

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