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This article explains how you can use the mastermind principle to stimulate your own creativity and decision-making ability.

Most of us may know of Thomas A. Edison as the genius who invented the light bulb, but did you know he also developed a system for inventing? He applied the wisdom of the old saying: "Two heads are better than one.” Edison, a mastermind, was consistently ahead of his time. He brought together teams of people with diverse areas of expertise, and got them to work together on problems and projects.

History reports say that he set up an "invention factory" in New Jersey and chose the best minds from around the world to join him. Over time, Edison and his mastermind groups were prolific in their production of ideas.

Forming your mastermind group of advisers

Sometimes, circumstances will not allow you to build a mastermind group like Edison did. Maybe you are in a situation where there are very few people around you with the abilities that can challenge you and encourage ideation.

You can still make use of the mastermind principle to stimulate your own creativity and decision-making ability. You do it by creating a virtual group of experts. Even if you currently have a group supporting you, this concept could bring you countless additional benefits.

The advantage of this concept is that you get to purposely and individually choose all your heroes and mentors, whether they are living famously today, or they are a celebrity achiever from yesteryear. It will be your decision whether you want Jesus, Gates, Shakespeare, Disney, Churchill or Elvis as part of your mastermind group.

You are not limited by how many are on your covert team, and you can always form different mastermind groups for different purposes. You can design the group that specializes in your chosen area of interest.

Due diligence of the members

If you currently don’t have the due diligence on your selected team members, you will want to get to get that vital data. The Internet is the quickest source of information. The point is that you will want to get all the research and intelligence you can about each member

How many people should be in your stealthy mastermind group? The experts supporting this concept recommend between three and 12 members — maybe six as an average.

Once you have chosen your unique team, you can also create a virtual meeting place. Wherever it is, make it extraordinary to you. From a famous boardroom to a secluded restaurant, you can get really creative here depending on the nature of the challenge or goal.

How you organize your meeting is up to you. Set a purpose for each meeting. State your case, and then let each personality contribute. Don't be surprised if after a while these meetings take on a life of their own. But, design it so that you are able to capture, monitor and evaluate all the results.

Now, you have created your own virtual dream team.

The goal: Use the power of your virtual mastermind groups to improve your creativity, productivity and most importantly,your decisioning.

It could be game changing — you decide.
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