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Dr. Jack Singer

Dr. Jack Singer

Dana Point, CA

Joined: September 30, 2010

May 19, 2014 - "Attention Advisors:  We are forming a unique Mastermind Group for an exclusive group of financial advisors who want to learn how to develop and maintain the mindset of a champion advisor, despite the challenges inherent in the profession. 

Dr. Jack Singer, Professional Clinical/Sport Psychologist who has taught Olympic, Professional and World Champion athletes how to develop the mindset of a champion, now brings these exact skills to the financial advising profession.  

 The author of more than 170 published articles and the widely acclaimed, 'The Financial Advisor's ULTIMATE Stress Mastery Guide,' Dr. Jack is forming three Mastermind groups for professional financial advisors. Each group will be limited to only six advisors, each interviewed and selected by Dr. Jack himself, for weekly coaching sessions (hosted by Dr. Jack).  Dr. Jack's goal is to help each advisor deal with every psychological issue preventing consistent, world-class performance.  The goal is to simultaneously skyrocket both your business success and your health! This coaching opportunity can add life to your years and years to your life!"

 If you are interested in learning more about this unique opportunity, contact Dr. Jack Singer at 1-800-497-9880.
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