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You may already know that a well-designed website is an integral part of your firm's success. But when someone suggests blogging, perhaps you're tempted to reply, “Isn't that something people do to gossip about celebrities or share fashion tips?” Blogging, in many people's minds, is synonymous with a type of online diary. However, it has quickly grown into a powerful marketing tool in recent years, with more and more businesses catching on to its inherent value and advertising power.

Blogging boosts your SEO

One of the major ways blogging can help your business is by increasing your website's search engine optimization. These text-rich pages, which are frequently updated on your site, give Google more material to index. Having more content means you will be ranked in more searches, and that translates into more visitors landing on your website. An SEO specialist can even help you optimize your site's content so that your pages show up in specific Internet searches. As with highway billboards or television commercials, more viewers leads to more business.

Good blog posts lead to sharing and referrals

Your blog will also become a solid source for referrals. Most potential clients are wary of the typical types of advertising, which include a lot of promises with no explanation of results. But when you blog about your practice, you give them reliable information they can trust. People want to do business with companies they trust, and they refer trustworthy professionals to their family and friends. Blogging helps you put a friendly human face behind your firm's name.

You might not have a blog on your firm's website yet, but have you checked out the competition? Chances are, many of your competitors have already discovered the marketing value of blogging, and they are building a huge online reputation and stealing clients that could be yours. On the other hand, if your competitors don't already have blog, then right now is your opportunity to get ahead of the game and establish a network of loyal clients.

Without a blog, your website is simply an online ad for services, indistinguishable from any other. With a blog, your website becomes interesting, compelling and credible. Consult an SEO or blogging expert today, and you'll soon enjoy an increase in website traffic, more referrals and a clear edge over the competition.
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