Leaders vs. followers: Think differentlyBlog added by Lloyd Lofton on May 8, 2014

Lloyd Lofton

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Leaders believe they create their life. Followers believe that life happens to them.

Leaders play the money game and win. Followers play the money game and lose.

Leaders are committed to being rich. Followers want to be rich.

Leaders thing big. Followers think small.

Leaders focus on opportunity. Followers focus on obstacles.

Leaders admire other rich and successful people. Followers resent successful rich people.

Leaders associate with positive successful people. Followers associate with negative people.

Leaders are willing to promote themselves and their values. Followers don’t.

Leaders are bigger than their problem. Followers are smaller than their problems.

Leaders are excellent receivers. Followers are poor receivers.

Leaders choose to get paid based on results. Followers chose to get paid based on time.

Leaders think "both." Followers think "either or."

Leaders focus on their net worth. Followers focus on their working income.

Leaders manage their money well. Followers mismanage their money well.

Leaders have their money work hard for them. Followers work hard for their money.

Leaders act in spite of fear. Followers let fear stop them.

Leaders constantly learn and grow. Followers think they know it all.

So how do you know if you’re a leader or follower? Look around you. If no one is following your lead or example then you may be a follower. What you are is represented by what you do and those who want to emulate what you do, because they see you as a leader. So the question is: What you have done that others would want to emulate?

Remember that your success will come from the next thing you do. Keep falling forward!
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