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The 20th World Cup is over, but it sure did make its mark. For those who follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you probably know that I recently returned from the World Cup in Brazil. It was beyond incredible. Having played soccer since I was four years old, it’s always been a dream of mine to see a live World Cup match, and in Brazil of all places! From the waterfalls in Manaus to the beaches of Natal to the streets of Rio, the entire country lived and breathed fútbol.

But the excitement didn’t stop at the Brazilian boarder. With the connectivity of social media, fans anywhere in the world had front row seats to experience the culture, the excitement, and the madness that is the World Cup. While major sporting events like the Olympics, the Super Bowl and the World Series have always had a way of taking over your social media feed, the World Cup brought this to a whole new level this year. Major social networks and digital platforms (most notably Twitter and Google) kicked into fútbol mode, with official hashtags, daily analytics, and summary sidebars.

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The social media hype around this World Cup has surpassed everyone’s expectations:
  • Facebook: Since the day the tournament started (June 12), over one billion posts, comments and likes have been made on Facebook related to the WorldCup."We knew the World Cup was going to be big, but this level of engagement is remarkable," Nick Grudin, Facebook's director of global media partnerships, told Reuters.

  • Twitter: The World Cup final set a new Twitter record of 618,725 tweets per minute discussing the match, according to witter data.

  • Google: Google Trends showed over six billion related searches.
How did brands engage?

Not only did brands get involved during the month-long event by centering campaigns and messaging around soccer, but some brands were quick to react after the Germany win this past Sunday. See the examples from Redbull and Lufthansa below, and the awesome engagement that they received.

What can advisors take away?

Advisors must capitalize on events that clients and prospects are passionate about, whether it is a huge international sporting event or small local summer festival. Use relative hashtags, offer helpful information, use intriguing visuals and have fun with it! And most of all, if you aren’t already, it’s time to get social. Social media is fundamentally changing the way we communicate. Your clients are here, your prospects are here, and it’s time for your business to have a presence, as well.
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