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7 retirement myths that could produce a "lost generation" (Forbes)

"Millennials were the one generation whose retirement preparedness actually went down. Here are several retirement myths that could be particularly detrimental to this “lost generation.""

How a government shutdown will impact advisors (Financial Planning)

"With Congress showing no sign of consensus, the government shutdown is instilling fear and unease among those from Main Street to Wall Street. Financial advisors are no exception. Here’s how advisors and industry experts are reacting to the fiscal standoff."

5 ways life insurance agents are increasing sales in 2014 (LifeHealthPro)

"Recently, we asked hundreds of producers to tell us how they expected their life insurance sales to fare over the next 12 months, relative to the previous year. The answer? The overwhelming majority is planning to see a nice bump."

Health insurance exchanges: reading the tea leaves on day one (Forbes)

"The media was in full gear, churning out literally thousands of articles and editorials on the launch of health care exchanges. I’ve assembled some that shed light on how people from the left, right and center of the health care debate perceived day one."

An annuity plan called Social Security

"Know how to get a great deal on an annuity today? Tap your 401(k) or IRA for living expenses in your first few years of retirement so you can postpone taking Social Security."

Many Americans worry about cost of long-term care: poll (U.S. News & World Report)

"Worried about how you'll pay for long-term care in old age? You're not alone."

72 percent oppose shutdown tied to PPACA (BenefitsPro)

"The GOP could be hoisting itself on its own petard, according to a poll by Quinnipiac University in Connecticut."

The real reason why baby boomers are so far behind in retirement savings (Forbes)

"One of the most persistent retirement questions is, “Why are baby boomers so far behind in saving for retirement?” While there are numerous ideas and theories surrounding it, I found the alarming answer during an interesting review of retirement planning history."

5 reasons not to ban social media in the office (CNN)

"If your company bans you from using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media in the office, that policy is "brain dead", entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa told me."

A population betrayed (The New York Times)

"It is outrageous that millions of the poorest people in the country will be denied health insurance because of decisions made mostly by Republican governors and legislators."

This life insurance company takes advertising to a new extreme (policymic)

"People walking through the heart of Milan Tuesday morning came across quite the sight. They saw a crowd gathered around the scene of a car accident. But this crowd included emergency workers, sailors, and a sea captain. This was because, as they slowly realized, a large submarine had burst up from under the pavement, causing the mayhem. Or so it would appear."
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