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If anyone ever tells you that getting a real (not self-published) book published is easy, they're lying!

It's been over a year of writing, editing, brainstorming, changing, researching, re-writing, re-editing, hassling with publishers and overall dealing with tons of different facets of book publishing till this day...

We created the book initially with the vision of educating consumers on the alternatives to the status quo when it comes to finances.

We wanted to debunk a lot of the money myths that are so prevalent in our economy. Any of this sound familiar?
  • "Buy Term and invest the difference"
  • "Keep your credit score high, and show for low interest rates"
  • "Diversify with Mutual Funds"
  • "Max out your 401k"
  • "Buy on payments, not on price."
But back to the subject at hand. Publishing a book with a traditional publisher was difficult, but well worth it. Self publishing a book was much, much easier and dramatically faster on the other hand.

Many of the resources available to us now make self-published books still look every bit as legitimate as books published by big publishing houses. You can still sell on and other distributors, you probably won’t be in book stores, but that’s okay. You don't need bookstores.

To give you some insight on the difference, the traditional method has taken us about 12 months. The self-published book I had done in six weeks.

So if you are looking to add extra credibility, writing a self-published book might just be the way to go!

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