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While these are just several mobile trends in the social sphere that we should watch out for in the upcoming year, it’s important to not only recognize which ones will be most beneficial for you and your brand, but which ones are off-limits to you due to compliance guidelines.

It’s no surprise that the mobile trend is growing, and 2012 is forecast to follow suit. According to Gartner Inc., there will be 7.4 billion mobile connections in 2015, when the earth’s population is expected to be a mere 7.2 billion. And what do you think those mobile users will be doing besides playing Words with Friends, Angry Birds and other mobile applications? Well, they’ll be keeping up with social media, of course.

At least that’s what the trends tell us. So what does that mean for you and your social strategy now? We’ve taken our own spin on David Berkowitz’s “Ten Mobile Social Trends for 2012,” and explained how you should integrate each trend with your social media strategy.

1. Social fashion:

Real time capabilities of mobile have made it possible for consumers to leave immediate feedback on purchases and experiences. No, it’s not likely that clients will be leaving feedback about their newly purchased annuity. However, you may find comments and feedback popping up about the quality of your seminar or the time they spent at your client appreciation event.

2. Tag, you’re it:

From Facebook to Foursquare to Twitter and more, tagging users in posts has allowed network exposure to increase tenfold. And with mobile facilitating real time tagging, the ability for posts and tags to go viral has also increased as such.

Financial professionals can benefit from this by tagging photos of events, clients and presentations. They can also utilize check-ins to get their organization and brand some network exposure.

3. Interactive TV:

According to Berkowitz, “almost all mobile Internet users access their mobile devices while watching TV, and most of that activity involves socializing.”

Financial professionals should utilize this during financial TV shows and interact with their connections and followers. Facilitate an online chat during a Suze Orman show or while Jim Cramer talks about his Mad Money.

4. Q&A:

Mobile apps make it possible to share instant feedback from local experts. Instead of using an app, try hitting the social media scene and ask or answer questions on forums like Facebook’s Polls or LinkedIn’s Answers.
5. Putting ME in recomMEndations:

Everyone knows the power of a positive recommendation, and mobile apps like Foursquare are hitting the nail on the head when it comes to showcasing not only a user’s feedback, but also exposing their check-in and feedback on their social networks. (Note: Registered Reps and RIAs are not able to receive recommendations as they act as advertisements).

6. Social context:

Much like I explained in social trend no. 2, check-ins are great for those interested in sharing their location habitually. The great part about check-ins are their ability to increase your network exposure – if you check in at your financial advisor’s office and share it on Facebook, think about the amount friends that will see that and possibly ask you about it.

7. Geo-gaming:

While mobile games aren’t necessarily beneficial for the financial industry, playing them may help introduce you to new people and possible connections.

8. Augmented REALity:

You’re probably asking, “what is AR?” Augmented reality is merging digital experiences with the real world, such as creating an online store for your organization.

While AR hasn’t blown up yet, it’s a great way for brands to offer imaginative new ways to tell their stories. Think about the value a client would feel if they were able to tap into their portfolio from your business’s mobile app?

9. Near field community:

Near field communications are growing. The most popular way to use them at this point is to make purchases, but as the technology grows we’ll see more ways to utilize it, especially for brands.

10. Facial recognition:

Mobile devices are getting smart enough to actually process facial recognition. How can this help you and your financial business? Think automatic tagging.

Those who have registered with a facial recognition service will be able to have their faces tagged in photos or videos online. Think about the viral ability your face holds as a financial professional and expert in your field online. While it’s still in its infancy, facial recognition will continue to grow and incorporate itself in more aspects of our mobile lives.

While these are just several mobile trends in the social sphere that we should watch out for in the upcoming year, it’s important to not only recognize which ones will be most beneficial for you and your brand, but which ones are off-limits to you due to compliance guidelines. With that said, remember that any mobile use that has anything to do with business communications must be treated the same way as online communications.

If you have questions or comments regarding what mobile trends you should keep your eyes on, let us know. And of course fill us in on any we may have missed.
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