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By Allison Bell

Managers of the Massachusetts Health Connector system have hired Dell to fix the system they use to send enrollment files to carriers.

Massachusetts has run its own exchange for years, but its state-based Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act exchange has had technical problems.

CGI was supposed to create a system that could send official enrollment information files to participating carriers, but the system has never worked properly.

The exchange staff has had to process applications and create enrollment lists manually.

The Dell system is supposed deliver enrollment and disenrollment information files to plan issuers daily, from Tuesday through Saturday, by 6 a.m., from April 1 through June 30, 2017.

The files are supposed to be error-free for HIPAA Validation Level 1. If the files fail to meet the accuracy standard, Dell would pay a daily penalty of $5,000.

The exchange was supposed to pay 300,000 after it approved the Dell project plan. It's supposed to pay $400,000 after Dell gets an enrollment info system into production, and another $400,000 after the system operates successfully for one month.

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