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Here is some of the content that caught our eye this week. We'd love to hear your thoughts on these stories and your own recommendations in the comment section below.

Bernanke warns fiscal standoff already taking toll on the economy (The Hill)

" Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke issued his final warning Wednesday to the White House and Congress to strike a deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff," cautioning that concerns over the pending tax hikes and spending cuts were already taking a toll on the economy."

Opinion: 401(k) plans endangered (CNN)

" IBM, one of America's largest companies, shook the employee compensation world when it announced recently that it would contribute only once every December to its employees' 401(k) accounts. Any employee who leaves before December would not be able to collect the company's match."

Cutting the high cost of end-of-life care (Money Magazine)

"With the [end of life care] process frequently driven by the medical system's focus on performing aggressive interventions at any cost -- and the reluctance of families to talk about death -- many people who are dying do not get the care they want."

Financial Advisors: How to Lose Clients Without Really Trying (MillionaireCorner.com)

" What do financial advisors need to do (or not do) to have the best chance of keeping their clients in the fold?"

Dissenter on Variable Annuities Says Advisors Don’t Understand What They’re Getting Into (AdvisorOne)

" Insurance expert Glenn Daily warns the complexity of these products’ guaranteed benefits is beyond advisors’ ability to assess"

Outlook for Income Investors, 2013 (Kiplinger)

"The list of risks to your fixed-income investments does not include the outcome of political campaigns, at least not in the short run. It does include inflation, changes in tax law, banking crises, moves by the Federal Reserve, default trends, ratings downgrades -- well, you get the idea."

Feds look set to run most state health insurance exchanges (NBC)

"Two-thirds of Americans who sign on to buy health insurance using new state marketplaces will actually be getting a federally administered plan, a health consultancy firm projected Thursday."
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