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Twitter can be a great fit for those looking to grow their audience, collect individual leads or encourage more people see a great piece of content on your site, as well as offer a great addition to the social media strategies you already have in place.

If you’re active on Twitter, you know that there is an astounding amount of information added to the conversation stream each day. According to Twitter’s IPO documentation, more than 500 million tweets are sent each day, and there are more than 200 million active monthly users. Twitter’s advertising platform makes it easy for agents to connect with new followers, promote their services and even collect lead information. This is a great platform for connecting directly with your customers.

Twitter can help your content be seen by your potential customers, even through that deluge of information. It can also help you get in touch with the most relevant users in its huge audience base.

Three ways to connect with potential customers on Twitter
  • Ensure that more of the right people see and engage with your content with promoted Tweets
  • Grow your audience (and your future engagement) with promoted accounts
  • Collect targeted leads with lead generation cards
Twitter audience targeting and budgeting

To ensure that you get in touch with potential customers as an insurance agent, spend some time familiarizing yourself with Twitter’s audience-targeting tools. When you set up a new campaign, whether it is for a promoted tweet or a promoted account, you will have many targeting options to choose from:
  • Target users based on keyword terms that users tweet about or search for (such as “insurance,” “homeowner’s insurance” or “insurance agent”).
  • Target users based on television programming they engage with (people who tweet about a specific television show).
  • Target users based on their interests. This allows you to target users who follow specific Twitter accounts. This means you can enter specific accounts and target followers of that account — you may want to choose industry publications, neighborhoods in your area, businesses in your local area, or even the Twitter accounts of your competitors.
  • Target “mirror audiences” based on the followers of specific accounts. This will target followers of specific accounts, as well as people who have similar profiles to those followers, increasing your targeted audience size.
  • Target people in specific locations (Twitter allows you to target to a city/metro area in the United States).
  • Target people by user device, such as a smartphone, tablet or desktop-only.
Using smart targeting for your ads can help you reach the right people in your local market. Be aware that the more parameters you add to your targeting, the smaller your audience will be; a very small audience, while targeted, may have a lower success rate than a larger, slightly less-targeted audience.

Depending on your audience size and specificity, the cost per engagement on Twitter ads will vary. Twitter will supply a bid range; choose a number you are comfortable with and monitor its success. You can always go back and increase this later if your ads aren’t performing as well as you’d like. You are able to set an overall campaign budget, as well as the amount you are willing to spend daily.
Promoted tweets

Promoted tweets are a great tool for getting more eyeballs onto a specific piece of content. If you’ve written a great blog about homeowner’s insurance, or if you’ve created an infographic that outlines stats about flood insurance, a promoted tweet can help make sure that content is seen and shared.

You may choose to automatically promote your five most popular tweets or select specific tweets from your feed to promote. However, if you are advertising a specific piece of content, you will probably want to create a few tweets specifically designed to attract people to that content and encourage them to click through.

Your promoted tweets will display in user feeds based on their interests, or, if you’ve determined specific keywords, they will display in the results when a user searches for that keyword.

Promoted accounts

If you are looking to quickly grow your follower numbers, you may want to consider promoted account advertising. This is especially useful if you are new to Twitter and want to increase the size of your audience in a short amount of time. By utilizing Twitter’s targeting tools effectively, you will be able to attract followers who will remain engaged with your content and have the potential to become new customers.

Promoted account advertising displays on Twitter feeds in the “Who to Follow” sidebar area on the left side of the page, as well as in search results and other places on Twitter.

Lead generation cards

You may add lead generation cards to any promoted tweet. This service allows you to collect leads from people who see your promoted tweets at the click of a button. To get the most out of lead generation cards, you may want to consider promoting a discount, free service, newsletter signup, or access to a particularly useful piece of content. Think about what would motivate your audience to give you their personal information.

Twitter’s lead generation cards integrate with many CRM systems to automatically funnel leads captured into your contact lists. Twitter has partnered with many popular CRM systems, including MailChimp, Infusionsoft, ExactTarget and Salesforce.

Determining your goals is the key to unlocking your success using Twitter ads to gain more exposure for your insurance agency. Twitter can be a great fit for those looking to grow their audience, collect individual leads or encourage more people see a great piece of content on your site, as well as offer a great addition to the social media strategies you already have in place.
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