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Mark Farrah analysts note that managed Medicaid plans now account for a big part of insurers' enrollment pie. (Photo: Thinkstock)

U.S. insurers continue to get more of their business from state managed Medicaid programs.

Enrollment in insurer-managed Medicaid plans increased 9 percent between June 30, 2015, and June 30, 2016, to 48 million, according to Portland, Maine-based Mark Farrah Associates.

That was down from a 23 percent Medicaid plan annual enrollment growth rate recorded in mid-2015. But Medicaid plan enrollment grew faster than enrollment in any other type of plan included in the data. Medicaid enrollees accounted for 18 percent of insurers' June 30 enrollment.

Medicaid expansion has pumped up total non-Blue enrollment. Insurers were providing or administering health coverage for a total of 262 million people in the middle of this year.

The biggest source of business was employers with self-insured health plans. Insurers were administering self-insured plan coverage for 117 million workers and dependents.

Individual major medical was the segment with the worst performance. The number of people with that type of coverage fell 3 percent, to 19 million. Only 7 percent of the insurers' enrollees had individual major medical coverage.

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