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By Dan Cook

Studies continue to indicate that most employers aren’t going to push workers off their health plans and onto the public exchanges.

But that’s not alleviating the minds of many employees, who want to continue to be covered by employer-sponsored plans.

A survey by The Morning Consult found that two-thirds of those who responded are at least somewhat concerned their employer will move them onto a public exchange. Forty percent were either “extremely concerned” or “very concerned.” A quarter, on the other hand, weren’t the least bit worried about it.

“Workers with employer-sponsored health plans largely have a negative view of what such a move would mean for their coverage, and would even consider looking for a new job under that scenario,” The Morning Consult reported.

Those polled were asked if they would consider looking elsewhere for a job if their employer shifted them to a public exchange. Here's what they said:
  • 12 percent would “extremely seriously” consider looking for a job with employer-sponsored coverage;
  • 17 percent would “very seriously” look for a new job;
  • 23 percent would “somewhat seriously” consider a new job;
  • 38 percent didn't think such a move would motivate them to look for a new job.
Asked if they thought Obamacare would get better or worse, respondents were fairly divided:
  • 40 percent said it would get worse;
  • 33 percent said it would get better;
  • 27 percent thought it would stay about the same.
The poll also found more blacks and Hispanics approve of Obamacare than white people, and less than a third of those polled thought Congress should either delay or repeal PPACA.

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