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You may be thinking, "Text messaging? But I just got email figured out!"

Nevertheless, text messaging is an up and coming sales trend. The majority of people in the United States own and use cell phones, and more than 90 percent of cell phones currently manufactured have text message capability. Additionally, more than 90 percent of advertisements received by text are open and read, a number that trumps email and direct mail advertisements.

So how can you make your text messages as effective as possible? There are several ways.

1. Sign up with a company that specializes in marketing texts.

Just like you've probably signed up with a company that makes it easier for you to send group emails, you also want to sign up with a company that can allow you to send hundreds or even thousands of texts instantaneously.

2. Obtain a "short code."

A short code is like a phone number, only it contains fewer numbers and is easier to remember. If you send a text message using a short code, a customer can text back to you immediately.

3. Obtain cell phone numbers from Internet leads.

If you have a website that captures Internet leads, ask them to provide their cell phone number as well as their email address. You can also have the leads check a box to opt in to receive text messages. That way, you can be sure that anyone you communicate with via text wants to hear from you. You can encourage people to check the opt in box by explaining that text customers get special offers regular email customers do not.

4. Offer coupons.

In a recent survey, almost half of Americans said they would be willing to receive sales coupons via text. You'll also create a positive feeling about your company if you distribute coupons to get a desired item or service at significant savings.

5. Keep the lines of communication open.

Encourage customers to text their questions and comments about your product or service, and be ready to provide satisfactory answers. There are two benefits to doing this. Customers who are unhappy with your company for any reason can take their complaints directly to you instead of spreading word of their dissatisfaction to others. Customers who are happy with your company can easily let you know what you're doing right, and your quick responses will make happy customers feel even more connected to you.

6. Be considerate.

Text messaging customers receive your message almost as soon as you hit send. To keep your customers happy, be careful not to call too late at night or too early in the morning.

Texting is a valuable marketing tool. If used correctly, it can grow your client base and make customers feel as if they have a personal connection with
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