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By emulating the actions that drive success used by other successful business owners and entrepreneurs, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches and growing pains. Below are the top four effective actions of successful business owners and entrepreneurs.

1. Stop procrastinating — Successful people wouldn’t dare procrastinate because they know that their success is riding on their ability to grow their business. Discipline yourself to work on a daily schedule and stick to it. Focus on income driving and client building actions during the day and leave personal actions to after hours and weekends.

2. Become a master marketer — Successful people are aware of the fact that clients are the reason why they’re still in business. They take the time to allocate funds and create effective marketing plans. This is not something you have to know how to do — just hire the right person with a proven track record of delivering results.

3. Delegate, delegate, delegate — Chances are, you became an entrepreneur because you like being in charge, but you have to learn to give up control of certain tasks. Successful business owners value the art of delegation and know that it is a vital part in expanding the reach of their business. Hire an assistant to take on the tasks that don’t lead to directly putting money in your pocket. And yes, you can even delegate grocery shopping, running various errands and cooking to an assistant.

4. Successful entrepreneurs spend money to make money — Successful business owners know that in almost every profitable situation, you need to spend some money to earn more. They don’t think twice about paying for the billboard ad or hiring an assistant to place cold calls because they understand the results that money will bring. Businesses need ongoing investments to expand.
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