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Have you read an article on ProducersWEB and want to ask the author about a point they made or a product they mentioned? Or do you want to ask another member about their business, but don’t have their email address? Or would you like to send a message to all of your followers?

ProducersWEB’s messaging feature allows you to send private messages to other members by following these steps:

Send a message to an author or member:
  • If you are on an article page, just click the “send message” link in the left hand column under the author’s photo and name. In the subject box enter a title for you message, and in the body box enter your message. Then click send.

  • If you are on the homepage (or another page in the site), use the search tool in the upper right hand corner to find the member by name. When the member comes up under profile matches, click on their name. Once you are on their profile page, click the "send message" link in the left hand column. When the message box pops up, enter your message and click send.
Send a message to your followers:
  • Click on Messaging in the upper left of the page. Scroll down to the New Message box. Select All My Followers or one follower in particular from the drop-down box. Enter a subject and your message and then click send.
Respond to a message you receive:
  • Once you are on the Messaging page, click on the message you would like to respond to. Then click reply (along the top left). Scroll down to the New Message box and enter your reply. Click send.
Activity Feed

Next to the Messaging tab on your Messaging page you'll notice an Activity Feed tab. In the activity feed you will receive notifications letting you know an excellent article, breaking news piece or interesting blog was posted by one of your followers or pertaining to one of your interests.


To the right of the Activity Feed tab is your Notifications tab. If you click on notifications, you will see alerts letting you know if content you uploaded was approved and posted on the site, if someone liked your content and if someone commented on your content.

If you have any questions about our messaging feature, please don’t hesitate to send me a message. Or you can email me at
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