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Highlights this week include the controversy surrounding mental health reform, an argument for fee-only advisors, the trials of applying for PPACA and surprising leadership lessons for women.

After Newtown, families hold out for mental health reform (MSNBC)

"In the months since the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., a heated debate has swirled around gun violence, with Congress seriously considering tighter gun control laws for the first time in decades. Yet advocates for mental health reform say the true culprit is the nation’s broken mental health system that allows warning signs to fall through the cracks in the name of patient privacy, as it did for Matt Milam."

Cheaper annuities with 'benefits' (The Wall Street Journal)

"With markets volatile and corporations scaling back defined-benefit pension plans, those in or near retirement are paying high fees to transform plain old variable annuities into a source of guaranteed income for life."

Go toward your fear, do less, and five more surprising leadership lessons for women (Forbes)

"I sat down with [Lori Senecal, chairman and CEO of New York-based ad agency Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners (kbs)] to learn more about her career trajectory and to get her best advice for future female leaders. Here’s what she said.

Do you need a fee-only insurance consultant? (Fox Business)

"These advisers claim to offer something they say is rare in the insurance world: objective advice about complicated life insurance policies from knowledgeable specialists who have absolutely no financial stake in your decision, because they're not dependent on sales commissions."

The Ten Commandments of social media for brands (Mashable)

"Fleeting as social media exchanges may seem, they can have a pronounced impact on business and their influence can echo far beyond a simple post or retweet."

For students, banking 2.0 involves social media (and the ads that go with it) (ABC News)

"Waspit, an interactive social banking platform designed specifically with college students in mind, says it’s found a unique niche by catering to the market."

Applying for Obama health care plan not easy (Associated Press)

"Applying for benefits under President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul could be as daunting as doing your taxes."

Be fearless when making a recommendation (The Wall Street Journal)

"The thought of making the wrong recommendation to a client can leave some advisers anxious and indecisive."

Grab A Compass: Digital Tools to Help You Succeed (Yahoo Small Business Advisor)

"Here are a few examples of tools that will help you manage your various digital initiatives and make your life much easier."

Yes, raising the retirement age would be bad for the poor. No, that doesn’t mean it’s unfair. (The Washington Post)

"Why should the rest of the country be prevented from making a needed, common sense reform to its retirement program because some people refuse to take personal responsibility for their own health? Where is the fairness in that?"
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