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By: Simon Reilly
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Values are the DNA of fulfillment. When one lives their values, the fulfillment of their values generates positive feelings and positive beliefs. Values and the positive feelings and positive beliefs that they inspire are also the DNA of one’s vision.

To create your vision for 2011, imagine looking back from Dec. 31, 2011, and ask yourself:
  • What did you accomplish?
  • What goal did you set and achieve?
  • What made you happy?
Break your questions into the following categories:
  • Administration
  • Computer/systems
  • Customer service
  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • Office
  • Products/product knowledge
  • Sales
  • Team
  • Training
  • Vision/planning
Now that you have created your vision, define your 90-day goals. Why 90-day goals?
  • A 90-day goal makes your vision more attainable by making it short term.
  • Enables you to relate to the rewards in the short term.
  • Defines a few steps to create it versus getting overwhelmed with the perfect plan.
Take action now

To create the space to define your vision and 90-day goals, schedule one to two days away from your home and office in some place that is nurturing and where you can be anonymous.

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