Overcoming fear when making decisionsBlog added by Steve Kloyda on February 10, 2012
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I want to talk to you about making decisions. There is an old saying that goes something like this, “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask where the good way is and walk in it. You will find rest for your souls… But you said, ‘we will not walk in it’.”

What is so amazing about that statement, there was only one decision in which they would find rest, but they said no.

Each day we make hundreds of decisions. Only time will tell whether the decision you make today will have a positive or negative result. That result may come in a week or 10 years. But the result will come.

Maybe you are at a crossroad in your life right now? You are not really sure whether to go straight, right or left. Going straight ahead is the path that you are on right now and it’s the most comfortable. Maybe going right is the safest decision. After all, isn’t it natural to head towards safety?

And then there is going left, which is the scariest. By going left, you are not really sure what is going to happen. There are many unknowns. It’s very uncomfortable and easy for fear to take over.

I love this quote by Les Brown, “If you do what is easy your life will be hard. If you do what is hard your life will be easy.”

Take a couple of minutes and answer this question: If you go left, what is the worst thing that can happen? Don’t let fear hold you back. Go left and who knows, it may be the best decision you ever made, and you will find rest for your soul.
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