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Roy E. Barry, CEO

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I spent this morning buying all my patio plants for the summer with my wife. A very enjoyable period of time — no proposals, no phone calls and no emails. Just a short period of time to slow down and smell the _________’s!

Taking this time to do the simplest thing made me see the importance of how the petals of one flower can seriously change your reality — make you see that life is always repeating itself on a schedule that is so finely tuned. Sometimes we do not appreciate all this for its full value.

How many of us are finely tuned internally and yet are not able to really see the life that we are all a part of?

I am at a time in my life when I have incorporated the joy of this reality and put that joy into my business. I’m not always successful in doing so, though!

It is when I am not successful that I try to be successful, because the sensory experience of being in that space I don’t want to be in makes me see ever more clearly the value of the space I really want to accept.

The contradictions of life — the yin and the yang! In our business if we don’t feel the experience of not succeeding then we should learn how to objectively, not subjectively.

Of course there will be some subjectivity, but if we can learn from that experience, then that experience may be an unknown blessing. We can then move from there to create an ever greater moment of success for ourselves personally.

The ability to flog ourselves and then to deride ourselves for the good intentioned efforts we make is not only damaging to us, but damaging to the other relationships we have in life.

The most important thing we can do is smell our successes — whatever they are!

If success was not the end result, then smell the success in your effort and in your trying. We can’t always win everything we do, but we can make sure that whether we are successful, we are always winners. It’s all in the yin and the yang.
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