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By Lisa Barron

Both centenarians and baby boomers feel younger than their years, according to a new survey by UnitedHealthcare.

The poll examined how the attitudes and lifestyles of Americans entering their retirement years compare to those who hit that same age 35 years ago.

On average, the centenarians who were polled in the 100@100 survey say they feel just 83 years old, while on average, the 65-year-old baby boomers polled say they feel 55 years old on average.

When asked how they feel about living to 100, centenarians' top three answers are "blessed" (36 percent), "happy" (31 percent) and "surprised" (12 percent). Just three percent say they feel lonely, and not one reports feeling sad or burdened.

In addition, more than half (53 percent) live independently, without the support of a caregiver to assist them with their daily activities.

Looking back, more than half of centenarians (53 percent) say they have accomplished everything they would like to do in life, but nearly a third feel that 100 years just wasn't enough.

Twenty-two percent) say they would like just a few more years, while eight percent say it would take many more years to accomplish all of their life goals.

The survey also found that nearly three in 10 (29 percent) of the 65-year old baby boomers say they expect to hit the century mark, meaning there could be more than 3.6 million centenarians in 35 years.

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