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ProducersWEB is now offering an exciting new way for our members to share content: video blogs.

Why video?

During a bootcamp hosted by Financial Social Media earlier this year, Kristi Piehl of Minefield Media explained that 60 percent of Internet users are watching video. Not only that, but 60 percent of respondents prefer watching video to reading text when researching business information, according to a survey conducted by eMarketer. And did you know that YouTube is now the second largest search engine? The power of online video has become impossible to ignore.

A quick search of the Web provides a variety of other reasons to consider a video blog:
  • quick and easy
  • attention-grabbing
  • easy to promote
  • tempting to click on
  • builds credibility
  • more personal
  • entertaining
  • better medium for explaining difficult concepts
A sampling of popular vlogs from around the Web: And here are a few examples of advisors who already taking advantage of video:

ProducersWEB member Steve Savant films his daily radio show, in which he interviews industry experts on all things insurance.

But don't worry if you don't have a three-camera setup in your office. Here are a few more examples of simple video blogs shot by agents:
  • Ryan Hanley of The Murray Group Insurance & Financial Services created a project where he answers 100 insurance questions in 100 days.
  • ProducersWEB contributor Aaron Kassover also has a video blog on which he offers marketing tips for agents.
  • And here's one you might enjoy on the trials of a first-year insurance agent that was created using Xtranormal movie maker.
How to upload a video blog

To submit a video blog, post a blog that includes an introduction of at least one paragraph and the imbed code from YouTube, Vimeo or whichever video site you prefer.

As with all content submitted to the site, please remove all self-promotion, including logos and other forms of branding. We want educational, informative pieces, not commercials.

And in case you need additional motivation, we're awarding 16 points for every video blog that is approved on the site, so get out there and start vlogging!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at
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