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Author’s note: This blog entry references the article "ABCs of Rapport."

Did you know that you can create rapport or chemistry with virtually anyone in as little as five minutes — the same level or depth that normally takes two to three hours to achieve?

If you're familiar with some of the techniques of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) than you already know the various steps to attain rapport with someone.

There is nothing in this world that works with every single person every time. Human beings are too complex for that. However, there are a series of techniques that you should be aware of that will significantly increase your probability of success in any type of business or personal relationship.

If you have rapport with someone, they will usually listen to your proposition and give it due consideration. However, if you don't have rapport with someone you can offer them gold on a silver platter and they will probably be hesitant in dealing with you.

Think about it in your own life. If you feel comfortable with someone, you give them the benefit of the doubt. But, if there is an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, you go into heightened awareness about potentially being conned. You just want to hold on to your wallet and usually want to back away from a deal.

Interestingly, it could be as simple as the other person speaking too quickly for your comfort zone and you feeling rushed. Or, it could be that their speech pattern uses too much negative imagery that leads to an uncomfortable feeling. Perhaps their facial expression or tonality was incongruent.

Here is an important question to consider: Do you ever inadvertently turn someone off because you are unconsciously making certain behavioral mistakes? Most people are just going to say no and not give you the benefit of a true explanation.

The article “ABCs of Rapport” gets into a more in-depth explanation of the rapport building process. It deals with topics such as:
  • Matching body posture
  • Matching rate of speech
  • Speaking in positives
  • Matching words used in their thought process
Future blog posts will delve into the topic more fully.
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