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ProducersWEB is built on the idea of community — a group of knowledgeable financial professionals sharing their expertise and learning more about the industry they love.

We rely heavily on our members to provide us with the latest information on sales trends, industry regulation, the best (or worse) new products on the market, and more.

In return, contributors gain access to an unprecedented platform where they can share their knowledge and passion with thousands of their peers on a daily basis.

The list of benefits is endless, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our top experts have to say:

“ProducersWEB has always been an excellent venue for NAFA to share with the producer community news about the fixed annuity industry that directly affects them.  This capability became extremely valuable when the SEC proposed Rule 151A, a rule that would have dramatically hurt the businesses of many producers.”
Kim O’Brien
   Executive Director, The National Association for Fixed Annuities
“I have been a columnist for ProducersWEB since July 2008. Of particular value to my practice (as an estate planning attorney) is the feedback I receive from other members, and the ideas garnered from reading the articles posted by other columnists.  This exchange of ideas has resulted in giving my law practice new marketing ideas that have generated significant revenue.  I’ve also benefited greatly from client referrals from other members who follow me on ProducersWEB.  Finally, I find it quite useful to my practice (and my clients) to utilize the services offered by other members of ProducersWEB.  In short, I would recommend ProducersWEB to you without reservation.”
Julius Giarmarco
    Partner, Giarmarco, Mullins & Horton, P.C.
“ProducersWeb provides an audience of over 300,000 top financial professionals and allows me to position myself as an expert through blogs and articles. As a result, I have seen increased traffic to my site, increased my social network followers, and gained new business.”
Amy McIlwain
CEO, Financial Social Media

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