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By Kathryn Mayer

41. Connect with the Hispanic market.

42. Know what an employer wants from you as a broker. Zywave’s 2013 Broker Services Survey found a disconnect between what employers expect from their brokers and what brokers are delivering. They addressed the top challenges faced by employers that brokers should help with. They are: Managing health care costs; keeping in compliance and up to date on changing legislation, including health care reform; benefits administration and employee benefits education; keeping up to date on regulatory changes; controlling workers’ compensation costs; and managing exposures.

43. Have a good email signature with all your contact information — including links to your social media pages.

44. Call your clients before they call you.

45. Get more training.

46. Be personal during meetings and enrollment. Tell stories that will connect with clients.

47. Make cold calls.

48. Make the right alliances. Partner with carriers, colleagues, clients and consumers — everyone who will help you survive next year.

49. Keep a positive attitude.
No one wants to buy insurance from Debby Downer. An agent’s positive attitude is the No. 1 factor in productivity.

50. Embrace change. Don’t get left behind.

51. Love what you do. “There has to be at least one significant aspect of your career/business for which you’re wildly passionate. Building a successful business is hard to do under ideal circumstances. To try and do so without passion makes it almost impossible. And, when you really believe in something, be selective about those to whom you allow access. After all, life is way too short to accept clients you don’t enjoy. However, when you find your professional passion and only allow yourself to work with people you like, it will never feel like work.” — Kevin Trokey, Partner & Coach, Q4intelligence, St. Louis

52. Teach a seminar. It’s a great way to connect with clients—and potential ones, as well.

53. Share news and updates about health insurance, regulations and other big events with clients — as soon as you find out about it.

54. Put the “phone” back in smartphone — and actually make a call.

55. Choose your attitude. It’s good for sales — and good for you, too.

56. Work with customers on trading in their obsolete benefit products for new ones.

57. Be honorable, ethical and trustworthy. “Those men and women who hold true to character traits that lead to personal integrity can rest easy at night when the day’s business is done. It’s much better to be able to sleep peacefully than to worry about what you told someone that may come back to bite you. And, telling the truth is always best.” — Mark Roberts, manager of national accounts at Careington International, Dallas
58. Have an appealing, easy-to- navigate, well-designed website.

59. Read the newspaper. Read trade magazines.

60. See the future. “Don’t live every moment in the now. Some sales require a lot of planning and foresight, and you may need to project yourself forward to understand how to close the sale and what the repercussions are if you win or lose the case.” — Mark Roberts, manager of national accounts at Careington International, Dallas

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