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By Amanda McGrory-Dixon

Fifty percent of employees say they're more productive when they telecommute while 23 percent say they're much more productive, according to a new survey by Team Viewer, a provider of remote control and online meetings software.

Another 45 percent of respondents report that telecommuting reduces their daily travels by 21-50 miles each day, and 80 percent of respondents say saving money on gas and eliminating commuting are some of the greatest perks of telecommuting. Other telecommuting benefits are an improved work-life balance at 54 percent, lower stress and better health at 52 percent, ability to complete household chores while working at 50 percent, moving away from office gossip at 38 percent and being near children during the day at 35 percent.

When telecommuting, only 1 percent of respondents say they wear a suit and tie or professional attire while 67 percent of respondents say they wear a T-shirt and jeans, 27 percent of respondents say they wear pajamas, 33 percent of respondents say they wear sweatpants and 11 percent of respondents say they wear business casual attire.

Regarding advanced technologies, 45 percent of respondents say they expect remote control of their computer desktops in the office, and 43 percent of respondents say they need mobile access to files at work as well as home. Forty percent of respondents say they need the ability to join meetings as if they were in the same room along with the ability to print remotely. Working on a document through screen sharing is need by 38 percent of the respondents while 37 percent of respondents say face-to-face video communication with colleagues and clients is necessary.

“With an increasing number of employees requesting flexibility in the workplace, telecommuting has become inevitable,” says Holger Felgner, general manager at TeamViewer.

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