7 reasons to include a cover letter with life insurance appsBlog added by Paul Mallett on August 28, 2014
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Question: When you started in the business, were you trained to include a cover letter when submitting an application for life insurance? If so, are you still doing it?

Here are seven good reasons to consider leveraging your creative writing skills when submitting an app.

1. Including a cover letter with your app makes things clearer for everyone. It tells a much more complete story for the underwriter. It also disciplines you to take a few minutes to review and summarize the details of your case — which never hurt anyone.

2. It provides a great secondary source of case information for the underwriter to compare to the app. As we all know, mistakes happen. If the underwriter spots inconsistencies between the notes in your cover letter and the app, it can raise a flag early in the process and save a lot of headaches down the road.

3. A cover letter can provide additional clues to the underwriter as to the back story on your client. A few additional positive clues about a client’s lifestyle can help guide the underwriter if the client is on the bubble of rated or declined.

4. If you don’t represent your client in a positive light, who will? You clearly have a responsibility to the company to report the facts accurately, but that doesn’t mean you can’t provide additional accurate information that might help your client as well. After all, you serve her, too — right?

5. A cover letter projects an image of professionalism for you. Underwriters are people, too (contrary to what you may have heard). They notice things like that. Other resources at the company notice those things, as well. Who is more likely to see things go their way more often — the consummate professional or the agent who provides just enough information to get by?

6. A cover letter enhances the certainty that your client’s policy will issue and you will ultimately be paid. That’s certainly a good thing.

7. A cover letter can increase the speed at which your client’s policy issues and you will ultimately be paid. That would be nice too, right.

I’m not making this stuff up. I heard it from a very reliable source. Scout’s honor.

Seriously, think about it. It’s not a bad idea. It really doesn’t take that much effort, and it sure can’t hurt. After all, how long did your last life case take to issue?
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