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Here is an email we received recently and our reply:

Question: I could use some help in other marketing areas. I use the phone a lot. I'm on a very limited budget right now and am very frustrated. I love my work, but I'm not doing what I need to do to be successful. Can you help me?

Answer: There are a lot of no cost or very low cost things you can do to help you find more prospects. You can:

1. Call all your existing clients, friends and family and ask for referrals.

2. Call all your existing clients and prospects and offer them a client workshop. Have them bring a friend. (Topics - tax law up dates, Medicare & Medicaid up dates, how to increase returns with no risk, how to reduce or eliminate income taxes, etc.)

3. Call all people in your local area and use the survey approach.

4. Use some of the articles from our client newsletters (rewrite them a little) to get yourself published in your local newspaper, associations etc. Make sure you have a byline with all your contact information.

5. Set up a Joint Venture with a P&C agency, attorney, accountant, doctor, chiropractor, dentist, optician, beautician, auto dealers, etc.

6. Call all the prospects you didn't sell, and do a survey.

7. Put up a flyer offering a free report, or workshop in grocery stores, car washes and auto service stations. Or, put it on cars in doctor's parking lots, etc.

8. Put a free report in a nice binder with a clear front, with all your contact information, into waiting rooms.

9. Make a list of everyone you do business with. Ask for their help. Have them hand out a flyer to every one of their clients offering a free report or workshop.

10. Offer a information workshop for churches, women's groups, senior groups and other associations.

11. Make a list of every person you, your parents, friends and relatives know, and then offer them a free educational workshop or report.

12. Offer a free workshop to your local library, open to the general public.

13. Offer an adult education class at a high school or college. (They might even pay you.)

14. Offer to be a guest on a local radio or TV Show. And offer a free report.

These are just a few ideas. What else can you think of? Be creative!
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